Not Quite The Spring We’d Hoped For…

Spring is usually the beginning of prime event time: there are weddings every weekend, family barbecues to attend, and happy hours on the patio at your favorite watering holes. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means that the “corona” on everyone’s mind this spring isn’t the one you drink with a lime wedge in the sun. […]

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Top 4 reasons to hire a wedding planner

As a little girl, you probably thought about what your wedding would be like at one point or another. As you grew into a woman, you may have even taken the planning to the next level, creating Pinterest boards and attending bridal showcases. While you may think you have much of your wedding planned, the […]

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IMPACT’s Fall Retreat – Rosemont Manor

This past weekend, we invited fellow event planners out to the countryside to experience a retreat like no other at the stunning historic Rosemont Manor. The manor, built in 1811, was privately owned until 2009 when it became open to the public; however, it still manages to maintain its homey feel. Walking along the grounds […]

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IMPACT Launches Curated Bus Tour

“Guest list? Check! Menu? Check! Location? Not a clue.” If you find yourself feeling this way whenever you have to plan an event, look no further because IMPACT Collective has the perfect opportunity for you. We launched our ground breaking new service: a curated bus tour. IMPACT’s new signature service brings prospective event clients and […]

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