Walmart & Sam’s Club

Project Overview:

IMPACT Collective was hired by Walmart, Inc., to coordinate interactive, sustainable recruiting and networking receptions in 10 cities along with accommodations, meals, audio/visual support, and reception event space for Walmart and Sam’s Club. IMPACT negotiated all contracts and agreements on behalf of the client. In addition, we provided comprehensive support and guidance in regards to full service logistics for this series of receptions in order to provide an intimate and inviting feel to attract top college students from around the world. These events took place in conjunction with the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) National Competitions in the spring of 2010.

Support Provided:

IMPACT coordinated logistics for a 6 week multi-city grassroots HR recruitment campaign for Walmart, Inc., in which we provided Walmart and Sam’s Club with event marketing, logistics planning, and onsite event management in 10 cities. During the SIFE daytime events and competitions, we promoted the Networking Reception and Lounge by distributing personalized invitations, posting signage in hotel lobbies and throughout the ballrooms where SIFE events were taking place, delivering invitations to student’s hotel rooms that were selected by Sam’s Club, and setting up a Walmart booth at the Job Fair. Event Management & Production CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 7 Selected students received a Facebook event invite, as well as a letter and flyer that was mailed with SIFE registration and attendance information. Opt-in text message marketing was used to outreach to the students as well as viral online social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog sites to attract students to attend the networking events in each city. We drove students to the networking events by giving them a chance to win gift prizes as an added incentive to attend and when they arrived, they became part of a planned icebreaker activity that ensured that they would interact with staff and learn about the company culture and employment opportunities.

Project Size and Scope:

Nearly 900 students were reached in 6 weeks in 10 cities

Duration of Project:

Spring 2010

Benefits to Customer:

IMPACT’s vision and strong execution led to significant results in top level recruitment for entry level management positions in headquarters and regional stores all over the United States. Other companies were represented at the Annual SIFE Student Conference and job fair such as Home Depot, Unilever, and Nabisco in order to recruit highly skilled college students that have the greatest potential. We set Walmart and Sam’s Club apart from the competitors by featuring an exclusive lounge experience for select students that they met during the job fair. SIFE students attended the event and some of them became employees of Walmart and Sam’s Club upon graduation, including the current Sam’s Club Project Manager at headquarters. By working closely with Walmart’s Project Manager, SIFE’s Event Manager, and the venue, we were able to meet the goals of the client as was set forth in their original RFP. By the third event, because we had such effective marketing and were continually refining our approach, we were hosting anywhere from 100 to 200 attendees at each reception.

Showcased Sustainability:

The student networking and recruitment events featured a theme of sustainability. IMPACT tied the theme of sustainability by using environmentally friendly products in an innovative and marketable fashion to the students.

Demonstrated Diversity:

IMPACT demonstrated a theme of diversity through a variety of current associate photos and images which demonstrated Walmart’s diversity to potential student employment candidates by showing the wide range of cultures and races of the staff members.

Highlighted Health and Wellness:

The networking reception featured a theme of Walmart’s health and wellness benefits in front of all attendees. IMPACT made certain to share Walmart’s care for their staff and families in the eyes of all prospective employee candidates in order to show differentiation among their competitors.

Promoted Philanthropy:

IMPACT illustrated some of the many communities that are supported by Walmart. We showcased to all candidates the importance of giving back as part of Walmart’s initiatives to positively impact their employees and those that surround them in their communities and families. Signage and photos of the various beneficiaries of Walmart’s generosity were displayed in the lounge to showcase in front of students.

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