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IMPACT Collective is an award-winning global wedding company located at the District Wharf in Washington, DC. We have 2 particular sets of skills that we have acquired over a very long career: EVENT MANAGEMENT & VENUE MANAGEMENT!

Since 2009, IMPACT has won 14 “Couple’s Choice Awards,” 7 DC Capital Corporate Awards, and 3 “Best of Weddings” Awards. With more than 500 combined five-star reviews, we are currently ranked #1 on WeddingWire, #1 on The Knot, and #10 on WeddingPro in the USA.

As true lovers of combining music and celebration, IMPACT manages several wedding musicians and dance party bands. From strings to jazz to popular cover songs, we’ve got your musical needs handled for ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and the reception.

Why IMPACT? Because we do what we love and we love what we do. For a joyful and seamless wedding day, contact us and we’ll guide you from your vision through the finish line. We can’t wait to elevate the best day of your life!

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