How to Write the Perfect Welcome Message on Your Wedding Website

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By: Kim Forrest
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Your wedding website isn’t just a place to show off those pretty engagement photos, it will also serve as a hub where your guests can find important details relating to your big day. Depending on your wedding website template, you’ll likely have to write a welcome message that serves as the first thing your guests will read when they arrive to your site. This message may seem like a throwaway, but it’s actually pretty important—this message sets the tone for your wedding’s vibe, so it’s worth taking the time to write something simple yet meaningful and heartfelt. We’re here to help you write your wedding website welcome message as you near your special day.

What is a Wedding Website Welcome Message?

A wedding website welcome message is a short greeting that sometimes appears on the website’s home page. It’s the first thing your guests will read when they arrive to your site, and depending on your website design, this message often alongside an engagement photo and a countdown to the wedding day. Basically, you’re welcoming your loved ones to your wedding website, expressing how excited you are for the big day, and asking them to review the site to find important information. A few wording tips as you write your wedding website welcome message:

  • Share the most important details up front: Your wedding date and wedding location (city and state is fine) should also appear alongside your welcome message.
  • Keep it short: Just two or three sentences will suffice.
  • Keep it simple: No need for flowery or over-the-top language.
  • Avoid inside jokes: Remember, everyone on your guest list will see this welcome message.
  • Provide updates as needed: Throughout your wedding planning process, you may need to add information to your website. You can add these updates to your welcome message, pointing out specific parts of the website you’d like guests to review. For example, “We just added information on our hotel room blocks—check out the accommodations section for more details!”

Wedding Website Welcome Message Wording Examples

Ready to start writing? A wedding website welcome message is basically written in three parts—welcoming your guests to the website, expressing your excitement about your upcoming nuptials, and encouraging them to read through the information on the site. Here are some welcome message examples that can inspire your own:

Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website. We’re so excited to celebrate with you on the big day. Use this website to plan your weekend and let us know if you have any questions. Love, Jordan and Blake 

Welcome to our wedding website! We’re looking forward to celebrating with you in Colorado. Please browse our website to find everything you’ll need to know to get ready for our big day. Love, Sam and Avery 

We’re so excited to celebrate our special day with you. Please find important details about our wedding, including travel information, guest accommodations, and links to our registry. Thank you so much for your love and support! With Love, Kim and Joey 

After a year-long postponement, we can’t wait to celebrate with you in Miami! Please continue to check our wedding website for the most up-to-date information. See you in October! – Leigh and Bryce 

The countdown is on! We cannot wait to have our friends and family join us in New Orleans to help celebrate our big day. On this website, you’ll find our wedding weekend’s schedule of events, travel and hotel information, and much more. See you soon! Love, Angel and Belen 

What Else Should Be Included in a Wedding Website?

Aside from your welcome page, what else should your wedding website include? Well, a lot, it turns out. Here’s a quick rundown of what your website can contain:

  • The basics: Your wedding date, time, and location—including your venue’s address
  • Wedding registry information and links—it’s considered poor etiquette to include this info on your wedding invitations, so the website’s your best bet to inform guests of your gift registry details.
  • Details on travel and accommodations—flights, room block info, etc. This is particularly important if you’re hosting a destination wedding or many out-of-town guests.
  • Directions and transportation information to and from your wedding venue
  • Dress code information
  • Details on other wedding events, if all guests are invited (welcome dinner, next-day brunch, etc.)
  • A brief love story, describing how the couple met, the proposal, etc.
  • Bios of the wedding party members
  • Online RSVP, if desired
  • Song request form
  • Health and safety FAQs

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