August 5, 2019

EXTREME MAKEOVER: Instagram Edition

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There are a lot of reasons people go on Instagram: to stay up-to-date with friends, network with potential partners, share that one awesome beach sunset pic from vacation, or maybe just pass the time until the bus arrives. Our hope is to add “check @IMPACTCollective’s new post” to that list. From work that inspires us to weddings we’ve planned, event day tips to behind-the-scenes coverage, we’ve redesigned our Instagram to give followers a newfound insight into our company!

Here’s a sample of the gorgeous content we’re sending to your feed each week!


(PC Top Left to Bottom Right: @toyboxstudiosdc, @ashleyboyan, @ashleyboyan, @preciouspicspro)

Check Out Our New Highlights

Our Dream Team is always creating and curating new content for our followers: ​

  • Reviews: what people are saying about us
  • Dream Team: who we are
  • Services: what we do
  • Weddings: big day moments
  • Wedding Tips: our advice
  • Behind the Scenes: live event day updates

IMPACT Collective is an award-winning company where passion and purpose collide. Our Dream Team wants long-time followers and first-time viewers alike to feel that passion and purpose in our online presence. Whether you’re a professional vendor interested in collaborating, or a newly engaged couple looking for inspiration, we hope @IMPACTCollective makes you excited to check Instagram!