Village at Leesburg

Project Overview:

In 2010, IMPACT Collective launched Village at Leesburg; an eclectic, town center in Loudoun County, Virginia, with a summer block party. Tenants included retailers such as Wegmans, Charming Charlie,  Altar’d State, LA Fitness, as well as restaurants, offices and residential units. The event was geared towards families to come and enjoy a fun-filled shopping experience. Proceeds from the event benefited the Loudoun Habitat for Humanity.

Support Provided:

When IMPACT first conceptualized this event, Village at Leesburg’s mission was to attract a large crowd to a new shopping center. Shortly into the project, we recommended to bring a celebrity in the mix to meet and surpass the client’s goal of having 500 attendees. IMPACT used its vast contact base and entertainment connections to bring American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin to perform at the launch event. This decision not only guaranteed that we would get 500 people to attend the Village’s launch event, but with heavy grassroots marketing, tedious planning, and awesome vendor partners, we were able to draw approximately 2,500 attendees, which well-surpassed the client’s expectations.

Event Marketing:

IMPACT raised awareness for The Village at Leesburg brand to more than 125,000 consumers residing within a five-mile radius with an average household income exceeding $120,000. Event marketing is one of the most effective ways to develop a relationship with consumers.  With that said, our team managed unique and credible onsite experiences that engaged patrons and customers on their own terms while showcasing the Village new brand’s relevance. We conducted grassroots distribution of 25,000 printed invitations, flyers, and posters to more than 150 venues such as hotels, coffee shops, music stores, apartment buildings, and more. We also hung posters on cork boards and placed flyers in all shopping bags at Wegmans, which received more than 10,000 paying customers per week. Through our membership to many networking organizations, we made announcements at Chamber of Commerce and Business Network International’s 7 Loudoun County chapters. We also worked with a local charity, Loudoun Habitat for Humanity, to promote to donors, sponsors, and their email distribution list. Additionally, we utilized the Village at Leesburg’s newsletter, website, and social media outlets. We also arranged for the mayor of Leesburg to cut the red tape in the ribbon cutting ceremony which officially launched the event. And finally, we launched a mobile marketing campaign at the event to obtain hundreds of phone numbers for future marketing campaigns and events.

Interactive Social Media:

Interactive media is the most important reference point for a brand in today’s culture. IMPACT’s digital group used the latest insights and technology to create platforms that activated social media to connect with the client’s desired target markets. We used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blog sites to attract consumers to visit the Village. Each week, we created a viral marketing campaign online through social networking and online marketing techniques. Since the Village was a new location, we had to approach our marketing objectives from ground level street team grassroots marketing to print advertising in local papers to web-oriented marketing strategies in order to reach various demographics and appeal to a family-friendly audience.

Project Size and Scope:

2,500 attendees (500 were expected)

Duration of Project:

July 17, 2010

Benefits to Customer:

IMPACT is one of the few full service companies that can handle everything from the conception of an event to the event day and post-event details as well as marketing and promotions. Very few companies will offer the same passionate grassroots, social media, mainstream marketing services coupled with quality event planning and execution. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile with all of our clients Following the event, many had positive things to say about the launch block party including the local business community, economic development team, council members, residential tenants, event attendees, the Leesburg BID, and even Elliott Yamin himself. The final result of having 2,500 attendees  experience the Village first hand was immeasurable and one of our proudest events to date.

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